The Robovator is a vision based hoeing machine for controlling weed in row crops.

ROBOVATOR – with mechanical tools

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ROBOVATOR – automatic hoe, 31 rows


  • Easy to operate, can be controlled by your smart phone, laptop or by its own display

  • Power consumption is low; only  about 1 hp pr row ; PTO  of  tractor

  • Low weight 700kg (1500 lb)

  • Can easily be adjusted to any row spacing 25cm – 75cm  (9” – 30”)

  • Operating speed: 2 – 8 km/h  (1.2mph –  5mph)

  • Automatic side shift; self centering

  • Hydraulic operated

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Software installed for transplanted vegetables

  • Can easily be updated with new software.

  • Each row has its own camera.

ROBOVATOR – with thermal tools

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