A triple cultivator equipped with 3 cameras each controlling a separate bed of 4 rows

Although the tractor did not drive along a straight line as can be seen from the marks of the tractor tire in the ground, the vision guided cultivator stayed in the track.

Vision based steering system for controlling a row crop cultivator or a sprayer.

By using a FP Vision-System the cultivating or spraying becomes easy. The computer controls a hydraulic cylinder which operates on the steering wheels of the cultivator or spraying machine.

In this way the driver can relax and just steer the tractor loosely between the row of plants, the vision system makes sure that the cultivator or sprayer stays exactly on the right track operating safely without damaging the plants.

The vision control can even keep the cultivator or sprayer in position on a sloping ground.

The system consists of 3 parts:

  1. Computer with camera which is mounted on the chassis of the cultivator directly above the plant row. The advanced software calculates the position of the plants and generates  the necessary control signals.
  2. Hydraulic cylinder and proportional valve.
  3. Operating panel with control buttons and display in the cabin of the tractor.

If the vision system is fitted on two or tree 12-row cultivators, 24 or 36 rows of plants can be done   at a time.

Technical specifications:

  • Minimum size of plants:  – 10 mm.
  • Maximum size of plants:  – The plants must not be larger than the distance between the rows, max 50 cm.
  • Plant recognition  –  The software in the camera can detect and recognise specific sorts of plants and disregard weed
  • Light requirements:  – The camera operates in both strong and weak daylight. It can also operate during the night because it has a built in spotlight
  • Hydraulic  requirements:  – The auto pilot can be fitted to tractors  with a fixed or a variable pump, (load-sensing).
  • Operating speed:  – 2 to 10 km pr hour.
  • Software update:   – New software can be uploaded via the Internet
  • Optional :  – Plant counting function,  signal for Intra-row weeding or selecting specific plants.