5 row machine working in onions, Denmark

5 row machine working in lettuce, Denmark

5 row machine working in chives, The Netherlands

31 row machine working in lettuce, Germany

The robovator is a vision based hoeing machine for controlling weed in row crops.

The robot  is equipped with a special plant detection camera above each row.
It has a mechanical tool which is operated by hydraulic power.

The “intelligent” weeding tools are normally staying in the row but are moved out of the row when a crop plant is passing. The hydraulic components are very robust and designed for operating at high speed and long life.
The specially designed plant detection cameras fitted on each parallelogram continuously monitors the passing plants . If a crop plant passes, the computer will send a signal to the hydraulic controlled tool which at the specified time will be moved out of the row. When the crop plant has passed, the tool will be moved into the row again.

If there is a gap in the row e.g. one or more plants are missing, the tool will just stay in the row.

The automatic lateral control will make sure that the machine stays in the exact position even if  the tractor goes off track.


  • Automatic hoeing in the row

  • High performance – also darkness

  • High capacity

  • Easy to operate

  • Low power requirements

  • Low maintenance


  • High performance of mechanical components
  • Automatic lateral alignment of machine
  • Each hoeing tools individually controlled by separate cameras
  • Hydraulic operated for long lifetime
  • On-board hydraulic and electric power supply
  • Very simple to operate, also for the unskilled operator.
  • Individual electronic adjustment of hoeing parameters during operation
  • Hoeing tools are protected from overload by springs
  • Suitable for transplanted crops until closing of the rows
  • Available in 3 – 6 rows (see image below)
  • Detection of weeds by discriminating between plant seizes
  • High capacity, depending on soil and plant conditions – up to 4 km pr hour!
  • Low power requirement, – only 5 KW (7 PS)

Operating range:

  • Plant sizes: from  2cm  to 30 cm
  • Distances between plants: from 5cm to infinite
  • Distance between the rows: 25cm to 40cm
  • Speed: 1 – 4  km pr hour


  • Plants are overlapping, the row is closed.
  • Weed size is same as crop size.

Lettuce double tool

Mechanical Robovator working in lettuce. Sandy dry soil.

“31 row mechanical robovator”