Steering System – F. Poulsen Engineering

Vision based steering systems

We can offer you a kit which can convert a standard cultivator or other type of machine into a guided machine which can automatic track a row of crops or a furrow in the ground.

Technical specifications:

  • Minimum size of plants: – 10 mm. ..
  • Maximum size of plants: – The plants must not be larger than the distance between the rows, max 50 cm...
  • Plant recognition – The software in the camera can detect and recognise specific sorts of plants and disregard weed..
  • Light requirements: – The camera operates in both strong and weak daylight. It can also operate during the night because it has a built in spotlight..
  • Hydraulic requirements: – The auto pilot can be fitted to tractors with a fixed or a variable pump, (load-sensing)...
  • Operating speed: – 2 to 10 km pr hour...
  • Software update: – New software can be uploaded via the Internet..
  • Optional : – Plant counting function, signal for Intra-row weeding or selecting specific plants.