Spare parts – how to

Spare parts – How to ……………………

To remove the retainer from the tool arm, heat the tool arm to 250 deg for 15 min in an oven.

You can also heat the nut with a torch, but then there is a high risk that the temperature gets over 300 deg in which case the steel looses its hardness and strength.

Remove the retainer , clean the thread and apply an anaerobic fastener like  Three Bond 1373 or Loctice 603 to the thread. Take care that the thread is fully covered with the glue.

Mount the  retainer, the blade and the nut and adjust the position of the blades so they are symmetrical.

Fit both the left and right tool arms in the actuator and adjust the blades before the glue settles. Use only little force when tightning the nut. The glue in the thread of the retainer will be holding the blade.

If the nut is tightned hard, it will only increase the risk of the a fracture when the tool is in use.

The glue will reach maximum strength after 6 hours

When the tool is positioned in the actuator, check that the notch is in the groove, see arrow in photo below